The History behind Back to Nature

When the Swedish Back to Nature aquarium backgrounds were introduced for the first time on a grand scale, 1994 at the InterZoo fair in Nuremberg, Germany (the largest pet trade fair in the world), they caused a tremendous sensation. They were a nearly perfect imitation of nature, down to the last detail. So much in fact, that many visitors couldn’t believe there were not real rocks and trees in the aquariums.

There was another novel feature about these backgrounds – they could be installed inside the aquarium thus making it possible to install filter material, pumps, heaters etc. behind the background and therefore keeping all of the technical equipment out of sight. A new trend within the aquarium trade was born − “Back to Nature”.

Joel Malmström surveying his imitation rocky reef with satisfaction.

After the introduction, the first large scale production unit was built up in Kopparberg, Sweden. Soon it was too small, and production was moved to larger facilities. New models were designed and developed, more trade shows were attended.

In 2003, production had grown enormously as compared with the initial years, and the production facilities had once again become too small. For this reason, Joel bought a large factory building (also located in Kopparberg) with ample space for larger and much more effective production.

Throughout the years, there have been countless attempts to introduce copies of these unique backgrounds onto the pet and aquarium market, However, Back to Nature remains the undisputed number one when it comes to beauty, durability and quality.

Today Back to Nature is a well-established and leading brand in the pet trade. Back to Nature is still produced and distributed throughout Sweden and exported to a network of distributors located across the globe.

It didn’t all just start in 1994, the history of the Back to Nature backgrounds goes back way much farther: Read more about the crew who started it all.


This is Back to Nature

Back to Nature, the original − Modeled on nature.